Equality Southwest Washington 

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We can defend marriage equality in Washington State. But the only way we can win is if we build a people-powered movement to go head-to-head with our opponents. That’s why we need you.

~Washington United for Marriage


Here are the top 5 things you can do to defend marriage equality in Washington State.

1. Pledge to approve Referendum 74 in November.

2. Volunteer with the campaign.

3. Contribute to Equality Southwest Washington.

4. Start a conversation with your friends and colleagues about why you support marriage equality.

5. Share our campaign with your friends & family by liking us on Facebook or sending them to our website.

Endorse Marriage Equality

As a coalition partner of Washington United for Marriage, Equality Southwest Washington helps the statewide effort to protect marriage equality by talking to people anywhere and everywhere about the issues around marriage equality and by collecting endorsements from people like you! We welcome individuals, business, and organizations to endorse marriage equality by taking the "Pledge to Approve Referendum 74"!

Host a House Party

If you would like to host a house party, educate your friends and family about marriage equality / Referendum 74, fundraise, or just party with a purpose, click the "HOST" button.